In Review

This semester has flown by, spring semester always does with baseball season. I enjoy classes with interaction and that teach me something I can take into the next chapter of my life after graduation; Comm 50 did not disappoint me. I already was introduced to iMovie and  Photoshop in previous media production communication classes.  I believe that the most helpful tool that I will take with me  from Comm 50 is WordPress.  It is easy to understand, set up and a great communication tool.  The cost is also very reasonable. WordPress will be beneficial in developing my future business. Learning to blog has been the highlight and I plan on continuing blogging over summer on fitness and nutrition on the road for collegiate summer baseball player.  The only thing I wish I could have learned and added to the social media campaign would be how to develop an app. This may take longer than the semester allows  and need to be a workshop with the prerequisite of Comm 50.

Who I follow

Social Media is a part of my everyday routine. I can’t even remember what it was like a few years ago without twitter and Instagram. I have never really used Facebook, I didn’t even have one in high school. I enjoy following dozens business and people who make a positive impact on my day. On twitter I follow Fitfoods, MLB baseball, athletic products and motivational speakers such as Steve Springer. Technology has given us freedom and an unbelievable amount of information, I find myself dependent on knowing the latest and starting my day with a plan. Companies such as Nike, Underarmour, Liquid IV, Ultimate Fitness, and Body Armor are among my favorites.Top of the list is Fitfoods and those who post pictures and give ideas on what to eat daily.

Additionally, I follow are Christian athletes such as Tim Tebow. I also follow college and professional players who inspire me to be my best such as Barry Enright with the Phillies, and Kristen Babbs Sprague, Olympic gold medalist.

Social Media has given me a tool to receive great information. I use the examples and information in my blog to reach young athletes and college athletes to share positive reinforcement that will push them to a new level in their mental and physical toughness along with a
nutritional balance.

Healthy Mind + Healthy Body= Results

suja drink

As college baseball finishes the second week of conference play, taking care of your body and mind is critical. Try this new drink sweeping the health stores, made right here in California from San Diego.
Suja Juices help to Repair, refresh, replenish and RESET

The name, Suja means Long Beautiful Life,
It is a juice that provides powerful nutrients to make your body thrive.They are certified organic cold pressure juices.

Cold Pressure is also called High Pressure Processing (HPP) and helps preserve nutrition and high quality freshness.Basically, a high level of pressure is applied to the bottles to destroy pathogens while still preserving vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

There are three categories of the Suja Drink: Classic, Elements and Essential. A favorite classic to try first is Bliss. “A combination of the sweet citrus of orange and lime with a silky smoothness of carrot, mango, banana and coconut for an out of this world taste experience. Indulge guilt-free in this antioxidant dreamsicle!”

Bliss contains 12 carrots, 3 oranges, 1/2 a coconut’s meat, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a mango, a slice of pineapple, a squeeze of lime. They are 16oz, USDA Certified organic, non-GMO project verified, vegan, kosher, certified and dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free.
Safeway carries this brand. Unfortunately they are not cheap, approx. $8.99 for one.

Thought for the week while in class or on the field, ““If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.”
~ Henry Ford

Don’t let your body get tired, keep your mind and body strong, feed both what they needs to help you perform at an elite level.

It’s a Privilege to Play America’s Favorite Pastime


“I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don’t think about it is when I’m playing it.”

Carl Yastrazemski, 23 years Boston Red Sox. Triple Crown winner, 7 golden gloves and an 18 time all star including the 1967 MVP of the American League.

If you play ball, you can relate to this quote. I personally think about the game of baseball when I wake up, when I eat, working out and weight training. Everything I do is based on improving my game and being prepared for the field. It is not a seasonal sport for anyone playing at the college-level and beyond. It is a year-round lifestyle and commitment.

When the Triple Crown winner said, “The only time I don’t think about it is when I’m playing it.” I believe in the moment of the Carl is just reacting and executing everything he has prepared for. The game is played for competition, sport and entertainment. Baseball is 172 years old, it has been America’s game since 1839. I live for the game, the opportunity to compete and more importantly win.

Fitness Tip
Your core is important to the game.
Using mini bands can help build your gluts and hips strength.
1. Simply place the band above the knees
2. Stand with apart
3. Take small steps to the side. Use your lead leg first.
4. Go back and forth 10 steps each way.
5. Repeat three times

Smoothie Cubes
With summer coming, try making Smoothie Cubes

When making your morning shake, make a little extra and poor into your ice cubes tray. This is a great snack anytime of day in hot weather. Just take your ice cube trays and fill a homemade smoothie and freeze.



The definition of CONFIDENCE is believing you can succeed and conquering the challenges of the game by performing at your highest level. Confidence brings intensity to your game. Confidence is key for all athletes. When the game is on the line, each person must play with confidence. Here are some mental tips that may help you play with confidence consistently.

First use personal affirmations, tell yourself positive statements about your ability and skills. For example when it’s the ninth inning, two outs, down by one run and you are at bat, remind yourself, “This is why I play, I love this game, bring it on.” You may also want to remind yourself when you have succeeded in a similar situation in the past.

You should have a list of achievements, reminders to build your confidence and pump you up! Keeping your confidence up and believing after an error or bad at bat is critical. You are the master of your thoughts, so put good ones up there. Give yourself a PEP TALK!

Then focus on your routine, don’t try to change too much! Stick to what you do best.I personally tested this theory this weekend and trust me, it works!

Mental Tip for the WEEK

Make your list of ten positive statements about yourself and a handful of achievements you can pull from for personal PEP TALKS!

Cold Weather Smoothie
1/2 cup of Orange Juice
1 cup Coconut Milk
2 clementines
4 TBL honey
1 tsp lemon Juice
1 tsp ginger
½ cup spinach
½ avocado
This should help fight off the weather and sickness along with providing lots of energy!

Battling the Elements

“The only way I’d worry about the weather is if it snows on our side of the field and not theirs.”   Tommy LaSorda


Battling the Elements

This weekend spring baseball was canceled, postponed and delayed across the nation due to extreme weather.  In Stockton the rain came down on Friday, but Saturday was game day.  Being prepared to play in the wind and cold, on diamonds that have been soaked all night with rain takes a certain mindset. It’s just another element and variable, and game time is go time. It’s important to remember everyone has to play in this weather; your best advantage is learning to block out and ignore the elements. Instead of looking at the weather as a disadvantage, take time to account for the new elements in your approach at the plate, have a game plan and enjoy the challenge.

Fitness tips

Baseball has a lot of down time and standing around. Keeping your muscles and body warm is key during the cold weather games. It is best to take extra time when stretching to stay loose. It’s a good idea to jog the base line between innings to help stay loose and prevent injury.


In extreme weather, staying hydrated is critical.  After a weekend of playing in the cold, rainy weather, your body is tired. Liquid IV is a new 100 % natural hydration therapy drink on the market that works great after a game. Liquid IV also has 300 % of the daily vitamins including 5 essential vitamins, 3 times the electrolytes than other leading sports drinks. Baseball season just started so take care of your body for the long season ahead. Respect the weather and stay focused on the ball!



Preparing Starts Before Spring Ball

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”  John Wooden, UCLA head Basketball coach

The Pacific Tigers opened the season in Tempe, Arizona at the Tempe Diablo spring training home of the Los Angeles Angels. Arizona is one of the most popular places for MLB Spring Training and why not, the east coast is battling storm after storm while Arizona is posting temperatures in the low 80’s.

Spring Training is all about PREPARING. Waiting for spring training to prepare is to late, preparation starts the day after the last game of last season.  It begins months before; just ask Barry Enright former Angel player and currently with the Phillies. Barry played winter ball in Mexico and is going into Spring Training in Florida in prime shape for the season.  A serious athlete knows the importance of preparing mentally and physically.

MLB veterans, rookies and hopefuls fill the ballparks.  I was able to catch up with a Pacific Tiger Alumni, Tyger Peterson who is experiencing his first spring training with the LA Dodgers. Tyger is living the dream and has been working out all fall and winter to show the Dodgers what he can do.


Fitness Tip for the Athlete on the Road:  Rollouts

Rollouts are important part of your pre game stretch. They can help loosen up toxic build up on your gluts.  Basically, you place a ball under your gluts, allowing your gluts to roll over the ball with some pressure. When you are on the road you can bring a lacrosse ball and do rollouts to help yourself stretch and get loose. Do this before practice and after practice or a game.

So Far…..

As I look back on the past five weeks of school, I can’t believe how much ground we have covered in class. Overall, I enjoy this class and I am excited about everything we are learning. So far, the blog has been something I have really gotten into and enjoy. It’s something I have always wanted to start and plan to continue the Elite Performance blog.

The learning environment is great, the smaller class size makes it easier to get help and understand the material. I was a little nervous about the podcast but it seems to be going well and feel it’s a victory. Hope everyone enjoys Elite Fitness !

I am looking forward to learning how to make a YouTube Instructional Video. I am planning on doing fitness exercises for elite athletes using SKLZ workout tools. I am excited as the semester unfolds and everything comes together.