Preparing Starts Before Spring Ball

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”  John Wooden, UCLA head Basketball coach

The Pacific Tigers opened the season in Tempe, Arizona at the Tempe Diablo spring training home of the Los Angeles Angels. Arizona is one of the most popular places for MLB Spring Training and why not, the east coast is battling storm after storm while Arizona is posting temperatures in the low 80’s.

Spring Training is all about PREPARING. Waiting for spring training to prepare is to late, preparation starts the day after the last game of last season.  It begins months before; just ask Barry Enright former Angel player and currently with the Phillies. Barry played winter ball in Mexico and is going into Spring Training in Florida in prime shape for the season.  A serious athlete knows the importance of preparing mentally and physically.

MLB veterans, rookies and hopefuls fill the ballparks.  I was able to catch up with a Pacific Tiger Alumni, Tyger Peterson who is experiencing his first spring training with the LA Dodgers. Tyger is living the dream and has been working out all fall and winter to show the Dodgers what he can do.


Fitness Tip for the Athlete on the Road:  Rollouts

Rollouts are important part of your pre game stretch. They can help loosen up toxic build up on your gluts.  Basically, you place a ball under your gluts, allowing your gluts to roll over the ball with some pressure. When you are on the road you can bring a lacrosse ball and do rollouts to help yourself stretch and get loose. Do this before practice and after practice or a game.

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