Battling the Elements

“The only way I’d worry about the weather is if it snows on our side of the field and not theirs.”   Tommy LaSorda


Battling the Elements

This weekend spring baseball was canceled, postponed and delayed across the nation due to extreme weather.  In Stockton the rain came down on Friday, but Saturday was game day.  Being prepared to play in the wind and cold, on diamonds that have been soaked all night with rain takes a certain mindset. It’s just another element and variable, and game time is go time. It’s important to remember everyone has to play in this weather; your best advantage is learning to block out and ignore the elements. Instead of looking at the weather as a disadvantage, take time to account for the new elements in your approach at the plate, have a game plan and enjoy the challenge.

Fitness tips

Baseball has a lot of down time and standing around. Keeping your muscles and body warm is key during the cold weather games. It is best to take extra time when stretching to stay loose. It’s a good idea to jog the base line between innings to help stay loose and prevent injury.


In extreme weather, staying hydrated is critical.  After a weekend of playing in the cold, rainy weather, your body is tired. Liquid IV is a new 100 % natural hydration therapy drink on the market that works great after a game. Liquid IV also has 300 % of the daily vitamins including 5 essential vitamins, 3 times the electrolytes than other leading sports drinks. Baseball season just started so take care of your body for the long season ahead. Respect the weather and stay focused on the ball!



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