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Social Media is a part of my everyday routine. I can’t even remember what it was like a few years ago without twitter and Instagram. I have never really used Facebook, I didn’t even have one in high school. I enjoy following dozens business and people who make a positive impact on my day. On twitter I follow Fitfoods, MLB baseball, athletic products and motivational speakers such as Steve Springer. Technology has given us freedom and an unbelievable amount of information, I find myself dependent on knowing the latest and starting my day with a plan. Companies such as Nike, Underarmour, Liquid IV, Ultimate Fitness, and Body Armor are among my favorites.Top of the list is Fitfoods and those who post pictures and give ideas on what to eat daily.

Additionally, I follow are Christian athletes such as Tim Tebow. I also follow college and professional players who inspire me to be my best such as Barry Enright with the Phillies, and Kristen Babbs Sprague, Olympic gold medalist.

Social Media has given me a tool to receive great information. I use the examples and information in my blog to reach young athletes and college athletes to share positive reinforcement that will push them to a new level in their mental and physical toughness along with a
nutritional balance.

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