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This movie Remember the Titans is not just a typical football feel good movie,  it is about the historical segregation of race in the school system and people coming together.  T.C. Williams High School was an all white school typical of most schools back then. Segregation rules were implemented and  African Americans were allowed  to attend T.C Williams, actually bused in.  The school board also hired a African American head football coach, this created much controversy and tension in the community. Coach Boone, the new coach, brought a different style  of coaching than what parents and family had experienced in the past. Going against a football community and program supporters came at a cost, there was hate mail and acts of hatred against Coach Boone and his family. Coach did not care what color you were or what you looked like. Coach Boone wanted the team to unite, to become brothers and a championship football team. During the first couple practice as expected there were some fight and controversy. Two guys, Gary, a white football player and Juluis, an African American put an end to that. Gary and Julius  became friends through the common goal to win a championship. They respected each others talent and paved the way. They did not care about race and became best freinds and brothers.  A must watch movie!





The greatest story of a  team’s victory of all sports history.  Miracle is about the USA Olympic Men’s hockey team and the gold medal win against the dominate hockey dynasty of Russia in 1980.   A group of college amauter athletes join together to become an unstopable team that will inspire the athlete and American spirit in all of us. Twenty players  from diverse backgrounds all join and learn to play as a united team bringing American pride back by defeating the Russian in the 1980 Winter Olympics. To know anything is possible, watch this movie!


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