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So Far…..

As I look back on the past five weeks of school, I can’t believe how much ground we have covered in class. Overall, I enjoy this class and I am excited about everything we are learning. So far, the blog has been something I have really gotten into and enjoy. It’s something I have always wanted to start and plan to continue the Elite Performance blog.

The learning environment is great, the smaller class size makes it easier to get help and understand the material. I was a little nervous about the podcast but it seems to be going well and feel it’s a victory. Hope everyone enjoys Elite Fitness !

I am looking forward to learning how to make a YouTube Instructional Video. I am planning on doing fitness exercises for elite athletes using SKLZ workout tools. I am excited as the semester unfolds and everything comes together.

Wednesday Noon Lab Post

This my first post.  I have a passion for baseball, including the mental aspect of the sport,  fitness performance and nutrition. I will be blogging about baseball,  tips for your fitness workouts to give you a competive edge, motivation and the right food to eat.

Mental Inspiration

 Years ago, I was sleeping in when a family friend Greg Knapp (quarterback coach of the 2014 AFC champs, Denver Bronco’s) who was staying at our house, walked in and woke me up. Coach Knapp said something that has stuck to this day, “Remember, when your not up working, someone else is working to beat you!”

Antioxidant Smoothie

Try the following smoothie, just mix in your blender in the morning to boost your day … you can sub Goji berries with any of the following antioxidant fruits: blueberries, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, cranberries or acai berries.

  •    1 tablespoon of your favorite protein powder
  •     Goji berries: 1 Handful
  •     Cashew Nuts: 5 -6 nuts
  •     Apple with seeds: 1
  •     Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
  •     Spinach: 1 Handful
  •     Banana
  •     ice
  •     honey 1 tablespoon
  •     3 tablespoon Greek yogurt